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Scholarship Application 2024

Applications for 2024 open November 30, 2023

  • Students must apply using the Online Application found here on the  web-site. The  accompanying Application Guide will provide clarifications to all aspects of the application and process.
  • The application has a number of required pieces. Ensure that the application  is submitted as one email, together with all necessary requirements, to
  • If there are any questions please direct them by email to Barbara Lemaire, Chair of RAYS Scholarship Committee,  at
  • We are grateful that your teachers and Guidance Departments have offered support to you in all  aspects of the application.
  • Applications are assessed by the RAYS Scholarship Selection Committee. Their recommendations are presented for approval by the RAYS Scholarship Committee and the RAYS Board.
  • Students chosen for interviews will be notified in mid-May. Successful candidates will be notified in early June.
  • Each year a number of community members dedicated to supporting post-secondary education for local youth, commit to fund university scholarships. The number of scholarships and the individual value vary from year to year. A RAYS scholarship has a potential value of $20,000, payable over a four-year course of study to a maximum amount of $5,000 per year.
  • Scholarship payments are made twice yearly – up to one half the value on or about September 1st and the remainder by December 31st.
  • Continued awards are contingent on the recipient meeting certain criteria including academic performance. These criteria are outlined in a letter of agreement signed by each recipient along with a parent or guardian.
  • The recipient of a RAYS scholarship may accept other scholarships, bursaries or awards, but must disclose these as part of the scholarship application and interview process.
Am I Eligible?
To qualify for a RAYS scholarship, a student must meet all of the following:
  • The student must be entering first year at a publicly funded University in Canada.
  • The student must be currently attending, or have graduated within the last year, from Stayner Collegiate Institute, Collingwood Collegiate Institute, Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School, Centre Dufferin District High School, Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School, ÉS Roméo Dallaire or ÉSC Nouvelle-Alliance. 
  • The student must have a minimum 80% average in Grade 12, based on College or University preparatory courses (initial evaluation will be conducted on the basis of final Grade 12 marks, if Grade 12 has been completed, or on Grade 12 first term final marks and second term interim marks, with the latter to be confirmed at the end of the school year).
  • The student must reside in the outlined area on the map below. If you are concerned about meeting the residency requirement, direct inquiries to Barbara Lemaire, Chair, RAYS Scholarship Committee at
Application Process

All applications must include the following:

  • A personal essay (approximately 500 words) highlighting important aspects of your journey to high school graduation and your aspirations for university and beyond.
  • A RAYS Scholarship Application with all sections completed including the Educational Funding Form.
  • One letter of recommendation from a teacher, principal, or guidance counsellor, with his/her telephone number.
  • One letter from an employer, volunteer organization or a character reference (non-family), who has known you for at least two years, with his/her telephone number.
  • Proof of academic achievement that includes all of: first term Grade 12 final marks, second term interim marks and an Ontario Student Transcript.
  • The offer of admission from the university of your first choice.
  • An Ontario Student Assistance Plan (“OSAP”) printout exactly in the most current format available with no changes made on your part (sample attached to Application Guide). Financial need is one of the most important criteria for allocating the RAY'S Place Scholarship and all of the information included in the OSAP template is required so that we can accurately measure applicant need. The OSAP Aid Estimator can be found at :
    If the OSAP Aid Estimator is not available use the Financial Addendum form at the bottom of this page - complete, print, scan and send it with your completed application.
Selection Criteria

The successful scholarship recipient(s) will be chosen on the basis of the following:

Financial need – this is the most important criteria for the RAYS scholarship. We want to assist students who might otherwise struggle to pursue post-secondary education in the absence of our scholarship. We assess financial need based upon the information submitted to OSAP and our understanding of the costs of your post-secondary education.

Funding initiative – we expect our scholarship applicants to contribute to the cost of their post-secondary education. Many recipients have been saving for years. Some have support from family. Others are not able to make a contribution as their work earnings have been used to support family expenses. The Educational Funding Form and Work Experience Forms are used to evaluate this criterion.

Academic achievement – our applicants have performed very well in high school. The minimum average in Grade 12 is 80%.

Leadership and community support – we look for applicants who have demonstrated the ability to manage the demands of school while making a contribution to their community, either at school or more broadly. Students have the opportunity to tell us about their activities. The Community Leadership – Volunteer Experience Form is used to evaluate this criterion.

Essay – RAYS wants to understand, as much as possible, the full context for each student’s situation and aspirations as they impact their desire to attend university. Tell us about yourself and any opportunities for growth and leadership development you have undertaken while at secondary school and how these might connect to your post-secondary aspirations and program choices. We would like to understand the challenges you may face in achieving your aspirations, and any obstacles you may have overcome in the high school years to accomplish your goals. This might include unique family circumstances, the family’s need to pay for your other sibling’s post-secondary education, significant efforts to balance school work agains other interests or obligations and the contributions that others may have made to help you get to where you are today.

Interview – members of the Scholarship Selection Committee will interview a short list of applicants  for the RAYS scholarship. The primary objective of the interview is to learn more about the details provided in the applicant’s submission and assess their maturity and preparedness for post-secondary education.


How to Submit my Application

Applications are to be submitted by May 3, 2024 midnight. 

Your application is emailed to with the Subject Title: RAYS Application for 2024 ___________ (your name).

All mandatory components should be included within the one email. Do NOT send several emails with the various components.

The Scholarship Selection Committee reviews all applications. A short list of applicants are chosen for interviews. Interviews will be scheduled in the middle of May. Successful applicants will be notified of their conditional scholarship award in June. 

The Scholarship Selection Committee will, at their sole discretion, verify any information in the successful conditional applications including financial need, other financial support such as scholarships or tuition waivers, and contact references or employers and volunteer organizations.

Final confirmation of awards will come in early July after final marks are received and the Scholarship Selection Committee has completed any additional due diligence on the conditional scholarship recipient application. 

Scholarship Application Checklist


  • I reside in the scholarship catchment area described in this application or have received approval to apply from the Scholarship Committee. See website for detailed map.
  • I plan on entering my first year of university in September 2024.
  • I currently attend Stayner Collegiate, Collingwood Collegiate, Our Lady of the Bay Catholic School, Centre Dufferin District High School, Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School,  ÉS Roméo Dallaire or ÉSC Nouvelle-Alliance.
  • I have completed all 6 parts of the application form.
  • I have read and re-read, revised and edited my application for spelling and grammar inconsistencies.
  • I have scanned, for enclosure, a transcript of marks as directed in the instructions.
  • I have enclosed two letters of recommendation as instructed.
  • I have enclosed my 500 (minimum) word essay with title.
  • I have scanned, for enclosure, the official Offer of Admission for the university of my first choice.
  • I have scanned, for enclosure, all pages of the current OSAP Aid Estimator (or equivalent if it is not yet available, by the RAYS application deadline).
  • I emailed my package by midnight May 3, 2024.
  • Email:  with the Subject Heading:  Application for 2024  _____________ (my name)


  • 1) the completed application
  • 2) 2 letters of reference
  • 3) your essay (with title)
  • 4) the official Offer of Admission from the university of your first choice.
  • 5) all pages of the current OSAP Aid Estimator or equivalent if not yet available by the RAYS application deadline.
  • 6) a transcript of marks as directed in the instructions.

Please direct questions to: