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Thank you for making a difference

On behalf of RAYS students, their families and our volunteers, we want to thank you for
investing in the future of our local area youth. Your support makes a real difference.

Students have faced many challenges in their education since 2020 caused by COVID 19. We
applaud RAYS scholarship and bursary students for successfully adapting to virtual learning, and
for some, a mix of virtual and on-site learning. RAYS Scholarship and Bursary Committees have
met virtually to coordinate with school guidance counsellors and interview candidates for
awards. We had very strong, worthy applicants for all award programs. Congratulations to
RAYS students, graduates and volunteers for a special 2022.


In 2022, two award winners graduated from their university programs. They are now working
or pursuing further studies in their chosen fields:

• Amy Hinchey, a graduate of Carleton University, Global Studies, is considering a career in law
and will soon write the Law School Admission Test a preparatory exam for studies in law.

• Hailey Sacerty, a graduate of McMaster University, Nursing has been hired by the Children’s
Hospital of McMaster University. She is the youngest health care professional hired in the
history of the hospital.

2022 Scholarship Award recipients

RAYS Board approved scholarship awards of $20,000 over four years for three high school
graduates beginning university programs in September 2022.

• Rory Duffy, of Glencairn, commenced a Forensic Sciences program at Trent University

• Marty Hewitt, of Avening, began a Mathematical and Physical Sciences Program at
University of Toronto

• Libby Millsap, of Creemore, began the Kinesiology Program at Western University

In addition, RAYS awarded an Award of Merit ($2000 one-time) to two students:

• Avery Lammle, of Stayner, is pursuing Linguistics at the University of Ottawa.

• Ava Bell, of Stayner, is studying Sociology at Wilfrid University.


RAYS Board approved bursary awards ranging from $1000 to $3000 for 13 new high school
graduates beginning college, trade school or apprenticeship programs in September 2022.

Lauren Wilson, Singhampton Massage Program, Georgian College

Gracie Leliveld, Mulmur Architectural Technology, Georgian College

Abigail Hamerton, Glen Huron, Music Business Program, Durham College

Vincent Nguyen, Stayner Culinary Arts, Centennial College

Molly Nicholson, Mulmur Fitness and Health Promotion, Fanshawe College

Abigail Dunlop, Stayner Veterinary Technology Program, Ridgetown College

Abigail Laferriere, Stayner Esthetician Program, Fleming College

Quinn Boileau, Avening Cabinetry Apprenticeship, Conestoga College

Owen Sutton, New Lowell Electrical Apprenticeship

Derek Gerecke, Stayner Cabinetry Apprenticeship

Bailey Lemmon, Stayner Plumbing Apprenticeship

Seantaya Lemay-Benny, Stayner, Veterinary Assistant Program, Seneca College

Avery Kinaschuk, Mulmur, Architectural Technician, Georgian College

RAYS scholarship and bursary students are busy in their educational and training programs.
Overall, in 2022, RAYS donors are supporting a total of 11 local area students with scholarships
and 20 with bursaries.

The generous support of donors like you makes a significant difference to our students. Recent
graduate, Rosalyn Martin noted that receiving both mentoring and financial support for four
years from RAYS had “alleviated financial stress, allowing me to spend time volunteering,
getting involved in community work and developing career networks”.

Since 2012, RAYS has:

• awarded 28 university scholarships: 17 students have graduated

• awarded bursaries to 67 students in college programs, apprenticeships, and trade

• attracted over $500,000 for funding scholarships and bursaries

We want you to know that both the students and their families tremendously value the
generosity of RAYS donors.

Other developments at RAYS

Barbara Lemaire has recently assumed the Chair position for RAYS, following Geoff
Davies’ recent retirement from the Board. Geoff had served on RAYS Board since
2018 and has contributed generously in spearheading governance and operations
renewal over his term.

RAYS Board Changes: At RAYS AGM May 2022, Craig Lillico was elected to the
Board. Craig has been a committee member with RAYS Finance Committee,
launched in 2021. Continuing on the Board are Nick Forrest (bursary chair), Barbara
Lemaire (Scholarship Chair), James McSherry (Treasurer), Susan Tremblay (Fund
Development), Serge Lafleur (Secretary) and Rina Barone (Communications).

RAYS AGM held on May 1, 2022 was the first in-person gathering since 2019 with
over 40 attendees. The meeting included presentations from four students – all so
well received. Wonderful to hear how well the students are doing in their programs.

RAYS Summer Awards event honouring the 2022 award winners brought together
new students, their families, RAYS sponsors and volunteers. Thank you to Geoff and
Carolyn Davies for hosting.

RAYS community outreach has continued with articles in the Creemore Echo; and
regular features on Facebook and Instagram.

E-Transfer for Donations: RAYS Fundraising continues to attract new and returning
donors. A convenient donations process has been welcomed by many – Donors can
donate through e-transfer to

• RAYS benefits tremendously from the involvement of our volunteer committee
members – Erik Fish, Catherine Fuller, Christine Jenkins, Lynda Jeffery, Craig Lillico,
Ron March, Heather Rowell and Diana Wiszniewska. We thank them for their
commitment and efforts in delivering our award programs and assisting in our

• RAYS commends the volunteers, coming from a wide variety of careers and
professions, who serve as mentors for all Bursary and Scholarship recipients. There
are over 30+ of them and our current and graduating RAYS students often comment
how valuable their ongoing relationship is with their mentors.

Your support of RAYS and local area youth is highly valued. You’re investing in a brighter future.
Donations to RAYS are welcome payable to RAYS Resources for Area Youth Success, P.O. Box
2052, Creemore, ON L0M 1G0, online at, or by e-transfer to

Best regards,
Barbara Lemaire, Chair of the Board, RAYS
Susan Tremblay, Chair, Fund Development