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Our Team

RAYS 2021 Board

Judy Alexander, chair

Judy has enjoyed the family's country home on a farm near Dunedin for the past 47  years. During her career, she has served as a school board trustee, lawyer, government board adjudicator, and member of various not-for-profit boards in the Oakville area.

Geoff Davies, Vice Chair

Geoff has lived in the village of Batteaux since 2003. His primary career, in consulting engineering, spanned 30 years in various positions from entry level engineer to principal of an organization involved in major nuclear power capital projects. Geoff became involved with the local community when he took on responsibility for expansion of Creemore Springs Brewery and subsequently became head of operations at the brewery.

Nick Forrest, chair, bursary committee

Nick has a farm in North Mulmur where he has lived for 46 years.  He has extensive experience in the food and retail sector before starting his own training, coaching and management consulting business. Nick works with CEO's on how to manage large groups of employees.

Anna Hobbs, chair, communications committee

Following 15 years as a weekender, Anna has lived full-time outside Dunedin since 2001. During her career, she taught at high school and university before becoming one of the founding editors of Canadian Living. Currently she is a freelance travel writer and editor and has served on a number of boards of international, national, professional and non-profit organizations.

Barbara Lemaire, chair, scholarship committee

Barbara Lemaire spent her 41-year career in education at all levels of teaching and leadership - elementary and secondary schools and the last ten years at the University of Toronto. She has enjoyed living in the Creemore area since 1982.


Susan Tremblay, chair, fund development and nominating committees

Susan has spent 19 years in the Creemore area. She enjoyed a long career as a senior health services planning consultant in areas of strategic planning and health policy. She has over 30 years experience on non-profit boards and was editor of a peer-reviewed health-related journal.  Currently Susan is a volunteer consultant with Management Advisory Services, providing pro-bono consulting services to not-for-profit organizations.

James McSherry, treasurer and chair, finance committee

James has lived outside Dunedin full-time since November 2010.  He is a retired financial services executive with 25 years of experience in capital markets, advisory services and commercial banking. His not-for-profit board experience includes the Mad River Golf Club, the Greenwood College School Foundation, the Stratford Shakespearean Festival, The Toronto Community Foundation and the Sunnybrook Hospital Foundation.

Serge Lafleur, secretary

Serge has been living in Creemore since 2007. Throughout his corporate career, he held executive positions in the Telecom, Home Improvement retail and Healthcare IT industries.     Among his many interests, he loves to learn about construction technology, computers and science. He is passionate about personal and management coaching and enjoys building and renovating homes. He is also a certified home inspector. His community and volunteer experience includes Jeunes Entreprises Québec ( teaching young adults to start a business), Condo boards and the Creemore Tree Society.

Committee Members

Bursary Committee
Nick Forrest, Lynda Jeffery, Christine Jenkins, Heather Rowell

Communications Committee
Anna Hobbs, Rina Barone

Finance Committee
James McSherry, Susan Tremblay, Craig Lillico

Scholarship Committee    
Barbara Lemaire, Catherine Fuller, Ron March, Maureen Quigley, Heather Rowell