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Our Story

RAYS launched in 2008, as Ray’s Place, providing summer jobs for local  youth.  RAYS, Resources for Area Youth Success, has evolved into a program providing scholarships and bursaries to eligible, graduating high school students pursuing post-secondary education.

The first scholarship was awarded in 2012. Since then RAYS has contributed over $500,000 to local students.

Since 2012, RAYS has awarded scholarships to 28 students attending university programs. Seventeen students have graduated and are pursuing careers or postgraduate programs. RAYS has also awarded bursaries to 67 students, supporting them in attending community college, trade school or apprentice programs.

Some 30 volunteers have given of their time and talents as mentors, committee and board members.

We are supported by more than 57 donors.

In 2022,RAYS awarded three university scholarships and 12 bursaries for students attending community college, trade school or apprenticeship programs. All scholarship and bursary recipients are supported with mentoring throughout their post-secondary studies.