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Checking in with RAYS bursary winner: Emma Woodhouse

Published in The Creemore Echo December 18, 2020

A co-op opportunity with the Wasaga Beach Paramedic and Volunteer Fire Fighters, suggested by her Family Studies teacher, propelled Emma Woodhouse towards a career as a paramedic.

“I was able to tour a paramedic van and realized how cool it was that these first responders could save people’s lives getting them to permanent care.” In Grade 10, learning that Cambrian College offered a really good program, she travelled to Sudbury to attend their open house. Choosing this program here was, “one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.”

Like her fellow RAYS bursary winners, the biggest COVID challenge is not being able to meet and get to know other students. It also creates difficulty when doing group projects online. Being a tactile learner, the best part for Emma are the hands-on classes. Woodhouse excelled in sports during her four years at Stayner Collegiate Institute. She continues to work out regularly recognizing that physical and mental fitness are a requirement for the demands of this job. She credits her RAYS mentor for helping to keep her grounded and the $1,000 bursary which covered the cost of her books and school supplies.